Wechush  2016

Oil through linen 42 x 37 x 6cm.

Qpoñ  2013

Oil through linen 50 x 50 x 6cm.

Nanoidiosyncrasies (Vantablack)  2014

Oil on & through linen 26 x 106 x 3cm.

Télil  2015

Oil through linen 45 x 43 x 5cm.

Smurfmelt & Hulkmass  2013 – 2015

Oil through linen 50 x 50 x 6cm. x2 (diptych)

Three Some  2015

Oil on & through linen 23 x 23 x 3cm. x3 (triptych)

Zyxw  2013

Oil through linen 50 x 50 x 6cm.

Concept One  2013

Oil through linen 50 x 50 x 6cm.

The Emulsion series is a cycle of paintings which transcends the traditional painting process. It moves beyond classical attributions within the art disciplines such as genre, composition principles and subject object repartitions. Intrigued by their almost sculptural textures, one feels invited to leave passive contemplation and actively engage with and question the core process of creation. An intensive study and analysis of material qualities, behaviors and relations of the paintings’ elements are constituting the art works. This leads not only to a deeper understanding of the subject matter but reaches out to New Aesthetics and forms of being beyond the traditional framework of relations. A vide scope of action is unleashed in front of our eyes, ready to be discovered and transferred to other real spaces.
For the Emulsions large amounts of different mixtures of oil paint are pushed through raw fabrics, requiring their own shapes and even a restretching of the canvas. It is an impulse that reaches out to form textures of sculptural expressivity in constant renewal. Far beyond formalism, traditional composition and self referentiality it gives an idea of the transformatory forces within a field of relations. Various moments of subtraction and addition are the result.

Text by Kerstin Godschalk

Berlin 2013 – 2016